There are no pills, doctors, meal plans, surgeries, shots, hormones, vitamins, delivered meals, calorie counting methods, etc., etc. that will help you lose weight and keep it off. There are no miracles. There are, however, many people peddling false information and frank rip-offs.

You are human and have no will power and thus cannot live a diet. No one can. This means you are normal.

No one should live a diet: food is one of the great pleasures of life.

You are normal.

You can lose weight without hunger, with lasting results and have a healthy lifestyle that is not a chore and is not a constant struggle. We set you free with no strings attached...

It works. It does not rely on expensive meal plans, dangerous hormones like HCG or the misguided use of "diet pills" (we do use prescription appetite suppressants such as phentermine appropriately).

How? This is what we do.

Our medical weight loss and wellness programs create a positively reinforced lasting lifestyle change resulting in weight loss and improved health. It is backed by evidence-based medicine. It means you do not have to live a diet and you can step off the weight loss roller-coaster.

Our goal

To naturally spread the word about our unique method of weight loss and wellness: We are not going to promote or advertise this website other than our patients' own word-of-mouth. We want this word to spread on its own. If you have found this site please take advantage of our B12 injection offer at any of our locations...

Our Locations Contacts

Just down the street from St. Vincent's Southside Hospital.

Right across the street from the Orange Park Mall on Wells Road.